Why the UChicago Data and Policy Summer Scholar Program?

The University of Chicago Data and Policy Summer Scholar Program provides an unique opportunity for top global undergraduate and graduate students to gain a foundation in data analytics, policy research and professional development. Simultaneously students enjoy full access to UChicago's resources and professional networks.

Rigorous interdisciplinary training: this program teaches students quantitative data analytical skills, exposes them to a wide range of public policy issues, and prepares them with hands on research project experience.

Rich on-campus resources and supporting system: this program creates a holistic student experience that allows students to fully utilize various on-campus resources. Additionally, the program provides an exclusive support system for students from peer mentors, teaching assistants, and academic and career coaches.

Seamless connections with practitioners: students in this program learn from well-known practitioners in a variety public policy fields to understand the application of classroom material in the real world. Students will also have opportunities to visit Chicago-based organizations and meet with alumni to learn about the impact of their work.